Hi, I’m Russell.

I’m a web developer.

See also: UX nerd, DevOps nut, ex-front end designer

Cripes. I’ve been building websites for around 23 years now.

That’s crazy when I think about it, but I definitely know what I’m doing these days.

I’ve recently emerged from a seven-year stint of being tech director at fffunction, a user centred design agency.

We did amazing work. But, as the song goes, it’s all over now.

What do I do?

Web development mainly.

Currently specialising in Wagtail/Django, and I’ve plenty of experience building Wordpress as a fully featured CMS.

I'm a strong advocate of progressive enhancement, accessibility, and web performance.

I’ve done most things front and back end over the last quarter century or so, and I’m happy to provide consultation if that’s what you’re after.

Currently available for short term contract work

Contact me on my email or the tweets, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I may be out walking my dog, so please allow for that.